Hubby and I visited the San Francisco Pen Show on Sunday and it was all I hoped it could be. And when I got home, I realized how much I missed. So here are my takeaways.

  1. Make a plan for who you want to see. I had three on my list, my husband found two more, and I missed at least two for sure. Is this catastrophic? Not at all! Did I miss seeing Drew from Goulet and Ashley from Yoseka? Yes. Next year, I plan to actually do a little more planning and map out my tour around the floor so I don’t miss anything. And bring more money!
  2. Decide on the items you are looking for. It can be very overwhelming – pens, fountain pens, inks, paper products, stickers, stamps, bags, oh my! And I recommend not just buying the first thing you see unless it is on your list. The reason I say this is you may find something more suitable later. However, if you love it, buy it as it will probably sell out.
  3. Go on Friday if you want the show specific items. We couldn’t go until Sunday and many of the show-specific items – notebooks, stamps, stickers – were long gone. I still found awesome stuff and got some things I hadn’t expected. We did go a little “seat of our pants” this year, and we had a great time just seeing what the show had to offer.
  4. If you are taking a class or workshop, set an alarm. I planned to attend the Bay Area Planners meetup but got so caught up on the floor, I missed it. It was a free event, so no money was lost, but the classes do cost, so don’t miss them. And do take one! We did last year, and it was fantastic.
  5. Take pictures and share them. This is the heart of Ink & Pen. While this was actually directly related to Ink & Pen, it’s also a road trip with my best friend and we truly enjoyed our time together.

Where have you gone lately? Share in the comments