I’ve spent some time today perusing photos of our travels and our life over the last 21 years together. I happened to have 1600 images in a folder that span 2002 – 2018, though not a lot from ’17 & 18. As I was pulling them into WordPress for use on this site, an idea began to germinate.

I am working on my urban sketching as I really love the idea of capturing the moment while it’s happening, or even from a photo later, and then adding some loose watercolor to it. What if, I chose one photo a week for the next 52 weeks, or however long my attention span lasts, and did a quick, loose, urban sketch of that photo? My style starts with ink & pen, usually a fountain pen, so that works.

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye right off the bat, though Edinburgh is complex.

Maybe it’s time for some input? Comment here or find me on Instagram (I’ll link this post) and let me know which one I should start with?

I see lots of fun coming up in the next 52 weeks, or however long it lasts. Join me!

What’s your favorite place to travel?