A new adventure is on the horizon. Okay, maybe it’s a renewed adventure, started over a decade ago and sitting in the wings, just waiting for it’s entrance. Well, it’s time. Maybe it’s even past time.

I’ve decided to revive Ink & Pen in a formal way, well, maybe not formal, but definitely more than casual. We’re starting a podcast, Ink & Pen Adventures. I’ve joined a podcast class and I’m really excited to gain some momentum on this and get it off the ground this fall.

What will we talk about? Oh, everything. Travel – far and near, large and small, solo and group, and so on. We’ll also talk about how you save and share your memories. You see, I’m a travel agent by training, a creative planner and an urban sketcher/journaler. This podcast will capture all of that.

On top of that, we’ll talk about what inspires us to go, do, be things beyond ourselves and our homes…and in our homes and ourselves.

Is that too broad? Maybe. Will we find out? Absolutely. Want to come along? Excellent. Subscribe here for updates, and on the podcast platforms when we get it up there.

We’ll see you soon!