In April, we ventured to the good old American South – Georgia, South Caroline then a quick jaunt to Florida. We had no idea what to expect, but we hoped for gators and good food! We got both.

The itinerary took us to Savannah, GA first. We only spent a short time here while waiting for family to arrive. We strolled through the historic district, took a river boat cruise and had a yummy dinner at The Olde Pink House.

We did venture back to Savannah for a day later in the week to pick up a car for our family, and did just a few things this time. We visited the square where they filmed Forest Gump sitting on the bench – Chippewa Square. The bench he sat on was a prop that has been moved to a museum. The squares are worth seeing regardless! We grabbed lunch in a pub, the went to the cathedral. It was sunset. My hubby took gorgeous pictures but I don’t have them…besides I was fascinated by the fact that there are places that still use gas lamps outside…giving it that historic feeling.

I did a little memory planning in my travelers notebook to capture some of what we did in Savannah…I’ve only finished the first days there…

Trying to keep track

Next up – Hilton Head Island!

Have you been to Savannah? What was your favorite part?

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