I’ve been quiet, I know. But I’ve been actively working on this creation of Ink and Pen and where it’s going to go. And I recently found another little gem of an idea from The Minimalists that is right in line with my manifesto of less stuff, more experiences.

It’s call the Minimalism Game. Each day in April, I am to get rid of a certain number of things. That number is the date on the calendar. 1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc. Yes, I did the math. Okay, Excel did the math, but either way, that’s 465 items in one month. And my husband has agreed to participate as well. He works out of the home, so we agreed that he’d get rid of the number of items that match the date, regardless of whether he’s done any of the previous dates.

Funny thing happened. On the 3rd, I decided to catch up. Having recently replaced by nightclothes, I purged 7 items. My goal was 6. Yay me! Then this morning, day 4. I was going for 4, ended up with 15. I read something somewhere (if someone can help me identify who said it, I’d be ever grateful) that when you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or lost, clean out your underwear drawer. It may be an odd saying, but it works. Cleaning out the underwear drawer this morning was liberating. Realizing I didn’t need those old things because I had ones I liked much better meant I wouldn’t be forced to wear the ones I hated. What a concept!

And in pursuit of my five places in five weeks, I’ve done two of them. One was to Las Vegas for a travel convention, more on that later in the week. The other was a staycation retreat with my husband. We were going to go out of town to do some writing/art, but chose to stay at home instead, working in our kitchen and enjoying some serious time unplugged from computers, phones and tv. I finished a monthly project ahead of the deadline, got my journal organized, and took a nap. Hubby enjoyed the day as well. The biggest pay off was the next morning I felt more focused and centered than I have in a long time and got loads done in a short time. I’m struggling with that today, so maybe another retreat is needed. Can I do that everyday? I think I can…stay tuned!

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