Whoa, I think I spoke too soon about jet lag. However, instead of zonking us out at 3 in the afternoon, it woke us up, wide awake, at 3am. Good thing we had a little whisky in our room.

This day started my master class at Shakespeare’s Globe. I’ll do a more involved post regarding the brilliant things I learned there as I’m still processing, but I’ll give a nice overview. We popped across the street for some breakfast at Costa Coffee.

20160719.0006 20160719.000220160719.0004

Then we strolled over to the Globe to check in. On the way we stopped at a juice place for a little fortification. I had a greens drink that was truly delish! Turns out I didn’t need to do anything before the scheduled arrival time of 1:00pm, so we stopped in the shop for a minute to drool…oh and to buy my hubby a hat. Did I mention the heat wave? Came with gorgeous sunny days and I didn’t want him to get sunburned.

20160719.0009 20160719.0015 20160719.001720160719.0012

To kill a couple of hours, we went down the south bank of the Themes to the Tate Modern. Did you know museums are free in London? The best. I feel it’s important to visit all the museums I can, but I will admit this is my least favorite. I guess I’m not a contemporary art kinda girl. We saw some very cool stuff and some stuff that really made us scratch our heads…but I really appreciate the work the artists put into their work and that they get to share that.

I had to go, but Steve stayed, went up to the observation deck to see the view, and hung out for a few more hours.

20160719.0033 20160719.0158

The first day of the master class ended with a workshop by my favorite woman at the Globe, Margo Gunn! So good to see her before she took off for a Shakespeare gig in Hong Kong. Steve was invited to the reception where he got to meet my classmates, see our old friend Patrick Spottiswoode, and have some snacks. It was a good day and this time, I think we really had kicked the jet lag!

20160719.0279 20160719.0281 20160719.0266

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