After what seemed like very little sleep, we awoke somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. Breakfast was served shortly thereafter and we saw land out of the window. I believe it was Northern Ireland first, then we approached from the north, over Wales. We flew over London, seeing the Tower Bridge, the Shard, and Parliament before landing at Heathrow. We arrived early and got our bags remarkably quickly. I had heard stories of UK Border control taking over an hour, so we had prepared for that…we were through it in 10 minutes, before our plane was actually scheduled to land. Score!

The Heathrow express took us to Paddington, then we caught a taxi from the taxi rank instead of struggling through the Tube with our bags. Since one of the purposes of this trip was a week for me at Shakespeare’s Globe, we chose a hotel in Southwark just a 7 minute walk from the theatre. It was also minutes from the Tate Modern.

The hotel was fine – clean, cozy and a good price. There was also a pub just down the street, even if it wasn’t open on the weekend. We needed a bite to eat, so we headed out for a walk. We, of course ended up at the Globe and decided to have dinner at the Swan – SUNDAY ROAST! Seriously, a tradition we need to adopt over here. Delicious.

We took a few pictures of St. Paul’s before heading back. It had been an epicly long day, considering it started in LA, so we hit the hay fairly early – at least for us.

We’d made it across the pond. This was the beginning of Steve’s first trip abroad and it was off to a great start!

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