We live in a world of needing more – more time, more money, more things, more…just more. It seems as if we think that if we don’t have “the stuff” to show that we have “the things”, we feel inadequate. A bigger bank account, larger house, fancier car – are they really a reflection of who we are and how we’ve gotten to where we are today? Maybe they are…that old Toyota Corona I drove was very much me at that time. And we do identify with our things as they often help us live our lives.

In this world, I am proposing something that came to me in a flurry of writing (yes, pen to paper writing) while working through Week 1 of B-School. Instead of collecting things, what if we collected experiences, memories, and new friends? What if instead of needing to get a storage unit because our garages can’t hold any more “memories”, we purged the excess and took a trip, gathering memories instead of souvenirs? Let’s see the world and have experiences, and let’s teach others to do the same – or at least share our stories with them.

I’m not suggesting a life of minimalism or giving away all our worldly possessions, unless that appeals to you (go for it.) I’m suggesting a life of less…stuff and things – going forward. I’m suggesting a life of not accumulating more things; instead let’s accummulate experiences, memories, stories, friends, and knowledge. Let’s experience other cultures at eye level, not at arms (or internet) length. And let’s document it. Write. Pen to paper. Fingers to keyboard. Pencil to sketch pad. Watercolor to paper. Tell the stories, sing the songs, dance the dances. Now, while we can. (And yes, maybe a little stint with the KonMari method would help me.)

I challenge you to join me in this, even if – no, especially if – you have little desire to travel the world. I bet you can find something interesting to experience within a few hours of your home. Go there. Maybe it’s a museum or gallery, a garden or park, a natural wonder or natural park, a play or live music show, a church or community center. It doesn’t matter what it is, and it doesn’t have to be free (some experiences do cost money), it just has to be about the experience. Share with me in the comments what you chose and why you chose it. Now check it off as your first step in a beautiful journey of a fulfilling life of adventure, even close to home.


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