Jet lag is a bear! After three weeks in Europe, I forgot that it takes anywhere from a half a day to a whole day per time zone to recover! I think, after 8 days, I’m finally back in my California time zone and ready to share this monumental trip with you all. I might still need a nap…

Over the next 23 days, I’ll showcase each day of our trip…some were much more exciting than others, but all days were lovely. We also learned some great lessons about long-term travel…and luggage.

Our Ink and Pen Tour 2016 started in Anaheim for a day and a half, then to London for 8 days, traveled to Bath, through Stratford-Upon-Avon to Birmingham, then to the Lake District (Millom to be exact.) Our next leg saw us moving north to Edinburgh, hopping a flight to Zurich, then a train to Disneyland Paris before ending the whole thing in the 6th Arrondissment in Paris. We rode 6 trains, drove 500 miles, flew on 6 planes, walked over 200,000 steps equating to over 100 miles (according to FitBit). It was an adventure. We are glad to be home, but also excited to go back.

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