I mentioned in my first blog that I have minor osteo-arthritis in my fingers. That caused me to cease writing except for the odd to-do list. Taking notes or writing an exam in class (yeah, I still take classes regularly) stressed me out because my hands would ache after about 10 minutes. I also mentioned that I love writing and have taken up two challenges this month that requires me to get the pens and paper out and get writing. And guess what else has happened? My hands hurt less…yes, they hurt less. Is there a medical reason for this? No idea. Is there a philosophical reason for this? Absolutely. IMG_2323

You see, our bodies stop working when we stop working them. Aches cause disuse, disuse causes pain, pain causes disuse and so on. Babying my hands wasn’t making them feel better and was surely making me feel worse psychologically. Sure, I have awesome fingerless gloves that keep my hands warm when they hurt, but I can wear them without the pain as well. IMG_2322

I can now write a letter without the ache setting in, something I could not do two weeks ago. I also find that I am excited to pick my letter recipient and craft the sentiment I wish to share with them. (I’m sharing a lot about my all-female Shakespeare Company with them and that is very exciting!)

You’re here reading this so I am assuming you are interested in adventures stemming from ink and pen. Is there anything that keeps you from writing?

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4 thoughts on “Benefits of Daily Writing”

  1. My tendonitis in my thumb can keep me from writing when it flares up, but I just take an Aleve and keep going. I’ve also found that Australian Dream works wonders, but it’s hard to put on my hand since you have to wash your hands after you use it…I’m glad you’ve found that writing doesn’t hurt as much as it used to.

      1. Yeah for something like your pain Advil is better than Tylenol. You want that anti-inflammatory benefit from ibuprofen. Australian Dream works well too, you can get it at the drugstore and it doesn’t have any smell or heat or anything. You’ll just notice that you feel better. Just wash your hands after you use it.

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